Heart Health Lab Tests

Heart Health Lab Tests

Your heart is one of the most important organs in the body. It is the reason that each organ is able to receive its share of oxygen and other nutrients through the circulation of blood. Since it is such a crucial organ, any illnesses related to it tend to be very serious. Therefore, due to the intensity that a heart problem can reach, it is in your best interest to get lab tests if you feel as if something is wrong or you are in the process of fighting an illness.


Why Do We Need Lab Testing?

When it comes to internal organs, we’re at a loss since we can’t peer into the body without the right machinery. Even if we were to gather this expensive equipment and take a look, we might not understand exactly what is wrong. Lab tests, however, can identify any problems that exist. Without lab testing, we may never even get close to understanding the problem, so a plausible solution would still be challenging to determine.


Which Tests Do You Need to Get?

The tests required for your heart usually depend on the type of illness you are facing. If you are in the initial stages or in the diagnostic process, for example, you would probably be asked to provide lab reports different from that of a long-time heart patient. Regardless of the cause or illness, here are some common heart lab tests:

CBC Test or Complete Blood Count With Differential Test

CMP Test or Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Blood Test

Lipid Panel Test

Hemoglobin A1C Test

Prothrombin Time With INR Test 

Vitamin D 25-hydroxy Test

Cholesterol Total Test 

Homocysteine Test

Lipoprotein (a) Test

Creatine Kinase or CPK Test 

If you’re on the hunt for a reliable lab that provides accurate and quick results in this delicate matter, Lab Test on Demand has a heart health category with all of the tests mentioned above and the added benefit of panels.

Panels are a series of tests that you can get done together at a lower price compared to getting each test done individually. These panels are curated in a way that benefits the majority. They are as follows:

The Heart Panel basic which is meant to screen for basic heart issues. The tests include CMP, Lipid Panel, and HS-CRP tests.

The Heart Panel Plus which is meant to screen for overall heart issues. They include HS-CRP, Lipid Panel, CMP, and Homocysteine tests.

The Heart Panel Ultimate will tell you everything about your heart as a whole. The tests are CBC, CMP, Homocysteine, Lipid Panel, HS-CRP, and Urinalysis tests.

The Heart Panel Advance which focuses on almost all of the issues that can arise in the heart. It includes CBC, CMP, Lipid panel, HS-CRP, Urinalysis, Thyroid Screen, Homocysteine, and Creatinine Kinase CPK tests.

The Heart Panel Deluxe deals with all issues related to the heart. It consists of CBC, CMP, Lipid Panel, HS-CRP, Urinalysis, TSH, Homocysteine, Creatinine Kinase CPK, and HgA1c tests.

The Inflammation Marker Panel checks for inflammation in the heart’s arteries. It includes CRP, ESR, and HS-CRP tests.

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