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Lab Test On Demand has the capability of offering customers affordable lab tests at through our strategic partnerships, we are able to pass on discounts to you, with our system we promote wellness, prevention and early detection of disease.

Lab Test On Demand is a leading direct access lab testing website, you save time and money since there is no need for a doctor’s visit and order.

Our system was designed as an inexpensive and convenient option for those patients who are not insured, for patients who are insured but their plans do not cover certain tests or who are insured with high deductibles and of course for those patients who want to keep their privacy and their tests in confidentiality.

Through our website we strive to offer the most complete information regarding pricing, test characteristics and testing requirements so that patients can make a very educated choice. There are no hidden fees, the price that you see is the final price that you pay.

Lab Test On Demand works nationwide with a leading network of CLIA certified laboratories, making it very easy and convenient to get your lab tests performed in world-class testing facilities near your home or office.

As an added value, you also have the option, to request a home visit of one of our Lab Test On Demand phlebotomist team members at a minimal cost.

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