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Online Testing for Vitamin Deficiency at Highly Discounted Prices

Vitamin deficiency is a common but underestimated medical problem.

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The term vitamin deficiency is used liberally for anything and everything. It is also often ignored as something minor which does not warrant too much attention.

But is it so trivial? Read on as we attempt to answer all your queries regarding the how, why and where with regards to detecting vitamin deficiency.

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Understanding Vitamin Deficiency

Its causes

Vitamin Deficiency

Various external and internal factors are responsible for vitamin deficiency in our body. External factors like pollution and exposure to sunlight greatly affect vitamin D absorption.

Our meals are not exactly rich in vitamins and nutrients. A person`s age and general fitness levels also contribute to the process of vitamin absorption from meals.

Vegetarians may miss out on animal proteins. Cooking food for too long, junk food, dieting, certain gastrointestinal disorders, various food allergies are some of the other factors contributing to vitamin deficiencies in our blood.

Major and Minor Symptoms of Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin deficiencies in the body may show minor signals like hair loss or pale skin. At times vitamin deficiencies may cause major symptoms like loss of vision or fractures.

Vitamin D deficiency may show up as fatigue and bone pain. Nerve problems, heart palpitations and pale skin are the common symptoms associated with vitamin B12 deficiency.

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Vitamin C deficiency test

Vitamin C deficiency presents itself as rough damaged skin, painful joints and bleeding gums.

Vitamin A deficiency

Vitamin A deficiency is associated with symptoms like poor wound healing, throat and chest infections, night blindness and acne among others.

The difference between a healthy body and an undernourished one.

The difference between a healthy body and an undernourished one.

Our body needs a host of vitamins and minerals to carry out its day to day functions and ensure the optimum health of our organs.

The presence of nutrients in our blood keeps our skin glowing, bones strong, hair healthy and creates an energetic feeling in our body.

Lack of vitamins may contribute to various problems like dry skin, hair loss, frequent infections and many major diseases.

Complications associated with deficiency of major vitamins

Complications associated with deficiency of major vitamins

A shortage of Vitamin A in the blood can cause delayed growth and respiratory infections. Vitamin B-12 deficiencies (Que enlace al articulo: Deficiency of vitamins B test: Price and normal ranges ) can cause anaemia and psychological problems like dementia, paranoia, depression and changes in mood and behaviour.

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Vitamin D deficiency can cause osteoporosis and fractures. Vitamin D deficiency also makes a person more susceptible to heart disease, cancer and respiratory illness.

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Detecting Vitamin Deficiency Through Blood Tests.

Detecting Vitamin Deficiency Through Blood Tests.

Blood tests are a foolproof method of detecting vitamin deficiencies in the body.

Where to get tests done For Vitamin Deficiency?

Traditionally a doctor prescribed vitamin deficiency tests but with the advent of technology, there is no need for a person to wait for a doctor`s approval to get his vitamin levels checked.

Online testing of vitamin deficiencies is convenient as well as economical in comparison to testing done at traditional labs. offers online testing of vitamin deficiencies at highly discounted prices.

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Types of vitamin deficiency tests offered by

Know More About Labs Offering Vitamin Deficiency Tests

Why is ahead of the competition?

There are multiple answers to this question.

Convenience offers the convenience of browsing the available tests and purchasing the tests from the privacy of your home. Customers can also get all their doubts regarding the tests cleared through a phone call.

Extensive Choices has a separate section called vitamin testing dedicated solely to the testing of vitamin deficiencies. This section provides a choice between extensive packages as well as tests for individual vitamin levels in the blood.


The procedure for the selection of tests is fairly simple. All doubts regarding vitamin deficiency can be cleared simply by logging onto

Browse their wide array of highly discounted tests. Select the appropriate tests for vitamin deficiency and add them to your cart.

Choose the lab location nearest to your home or office by clicking on the lab locator option. The client may want to make an appointment to minimize the time spent in the lab.

Our step-by-step procedure is very easy to follow: Choose a test from our comprehensive menu, then you'll be able to select a lab facility near you from our interactive map locator. After checkout a lab order will be generated. That's it!

Why is ahead of the competition?

Accessible and confidential results Online Blood Test Services

Accessible and confidential results

The results of the vitamin deficiency blood tests are stored in the secure servers of They are accessible only by the client to download or print at any time according to their convenience.

The client information and reports are treated with the utmost confidentiality at

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At Home Blood Test - Online Blood Test Services

At-Home services

Since vitamin deficiency tests do not fall within the ambit of emergency tests, these tests can be conducted at home at the customer`s convenience. Simply go to their At-Home Blood Draw option on the website.

Once a customer selects the At-Home Blood Draw option for vitamin deficiency tests, a phlebotomist contacts the customer within 24 hours. An appointment is set up according to the customer`s convenience.

The customer does not have to pay any extra charges for STAT service or supplies. mobile collection team services residents of Miami, Ft Lauderdale and Boca Raton/ Palm Beach.

The phlebotomists working at have a minimum of 5 years of experience and they are adept at on-site collection, testing and sample transportation.

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Economically priced Online Blood Test Services

Economically priced tests offers a massive discount of up to 80% to customers as compared to other retail labs on all their tests. Customers not covered by insurance will also find their vitamin deficiency tests extremely affordable.

Transparent pricing ensures total transparency in the pricing of all their tests. All the detailed information regarding vitamin deficiency tests and their pricing is visible on the website

There are no hidden costs and the customer needs to pay only the amount mentioned against the various vitamin deficiency tests on the website.

The pricing advantage provided by involves no such additional fees on tests purchased from them.

Most other websites promise reports in 5 days to four weeks. promises results in 3 days.


The above discussion must have made you realize the importance of testing for vitamin deficiencies in blood. The tests should be conducted at the earliest because any delay weakens the body and makes it vulnerable to illness.

Log onto and purchase all the tests needed to clear your doubts regarding vitamin deficiencies. Remember it's all about the survival of the fittest and a healthy body is a prerequisite in these stressful times.

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