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Hepatitis Panel

Price: $189.00

Hepatitis Panel by Lab Test On Demand addresses all your concerns regarding the Hepatitis Disease.

Testing regularly gives you control of your health.

The Liver Hepatitis Panel includes the following tests: Hepatitis A Antibody, Hepatitis B Core Antibody Total, Hepatitis B Surface Antibodies, Hepatitis B Surface Antigen ( HBsAg), and Hepatitis C Antibody w/Reflex PCR.

This test requires a sample of your blood.

Preparation: Fasting for 12 hours is necessary before the test.

  • Hepatitis A Antibody, Total Test

    This test measures the level of all hepatitis antibodies, it will assess for immunity to Hepatitis A (either by exposure or vaccination).

    Hepatitis A virus affects the liver as it becomes inflamed, tender and swollen, this virus is usually spread by contact with infected bowel movements, an infected person my spread this virus to others by not washing his-her names properly after using the bathroom. This is a highly contagious virus.

    It detects both IgM and IgG antibodies but does not distinguish between them.

    If you take biotin, stop taking it at least 8 hours before the test.

  • Hepatitis B Core Antibody, Total Test

    The Hepatitis B Test detects the antibodies that the body produces when it has been exposed to the Hepatitis B virus.

    Hepatitis B is a disease of the liver, it is transmitted by contact with blood.

    The test determines if a person has a previous or an ongoing infection.

  • Hepatitis B Surface Antibodies Test (Anti-HBs) or HBsAb

    Hepatitis B Surface Antibodies (HBsAb) Test or Anti-HBs is used to help identify if a person has developed immunity to the hepatitis B virus (either by infection or vaccination).

    Hepatitis B Surface Antibodies Test is a qualitative test meaning that it will result in positive (reactive) or negative (nonreactive) to the virus, it is a test normally required when applying to a new job or school.

    Hepatitis B is a viral infection of the liver spread through contact with contaminated bodily fluids (including blood). More than half of Hep B infections display no symptoms

  • Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Test (HBsAg)

    Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Test is recommended to identify the hepatitis B virus, a disease that affects the liver.

    Hepatitis B Surface Antigen is the earliest indicator of the presence of acute infection. Also indicative of chronic infection. This test is useful in the differential diagnosis of Hepatitis B.

    The Surface Antigen Test looks for a protein present in the surface of the virus so is often ordered for people believed to have a recent exposure to someone else with Hepatitis B.

    To diagnose hepatitis B in a pregnant woman additional test should be ordered such as liver enzymes.

  • Hepatitis C Antibody with Reflex to HCV, RNA, Quantitative, Reac-Time PCR Test

    Hepatitis C Antibody with Reflex to HCV Test measures the Hepatitis C antibodies level and is used to screen for Hepatitis C infection.

    The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends hepatitis C testing to all “baby boomers” (adult born from 1945 – 1965) and for anyone who has injected drugs.

    The Hepatitis C infection typically affects the liver and if not treated can lead to cirrhosis, liver failure, liver cancer and other critical disorders. It is a disease transmitted by contact with blood.

Price: $189.00
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